LOLWHUT?! (What the FAQ?!)

Q: WTF even is this site?

A: It's the central command, headquarters, and nerve center of this whole thing. What is this thing? Well, DUH!!!! IT'S ALL JUST A GAME, LOL!!!!!! ARG! ARG! ARG!!!!!! (I'm a pirate. 😂)

Q: WTF is a "Gangadiddle"?

A: Once upon a time, a bunch of people on the internets went on a long, convoluted quest to find this really dangerous monster and killed it just by finding it somehow, and there was magic, and people from other dimensions, and more magic, and none of it really made much sense, and if you really MUST know, you can go read about that here. I'm sure it's not relevant now. The Gangadiddle was that monster.

Q: Who TF is the faceless guy in the hoodie?

A: His name is Nathan. He called himself the Hunt Master back then. Nowadays he doesn't say much of anything. 😥 FYI, he's not the Gangadiddle.

Q: Who TF is Rob Dolst?

A: He's just a poor schmuck with a wife and kid. He likes to make stuff. LSS is really interested in him. Also, I hacked his Snapchat last year. That was fun. I've also been known to hack his other social media and even his personal computers. (It's for his own good, I swear! 🤣)

Q: WTF is LSS?

A: Hey, you wanted to play a game, right? Let's make this game about finding out who or what LSS is! 🤓 A good place to start is Dream Axiom, best known for their sketchy AF presence and their recent acquisition of the Poochee and Pansy cartoon series.

Q: WTF is Poochee and Pansy?

A: Poochee and Pansy is an adorable little cartoon about two puppies who go on an adventure to rescue a kitten. It had something to do with the ARG back in 2009-2012. It had all kinds of creepy stuff in it that made no sense. Now it's being remade by Rob Dolst and Dream Axiom. Why? I have my theories.

Q: Who TF are you?

A: I'm The Technician. I'm a 1337 h4xx0r. I am also not the Gangadiddle.

Q: WhY TF DoN't yOu HaCk pEwDiEPie oR FaCebOok Or GoOglE or...?

A: Why would I? My rage knows only one target: LSS.

Q: What's with all the codes and cryptic shit?

A: You figure it out.

The Technician Loves You.

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The Technician Loves You.